Poker Action – Wherever You Go

It’s our mission at Bodog to make sure our amazing players can enjoy the best possible experience and live in the moment, especially when they’re playing poker. Which is why we’ve upped our game and are bringing you a mobile product that lets you take all the action of the felt with you.

Always On The Go

Here’s what you can expect with our new mobile poker offering:

  • A revamped interface that promises seamless navigation.
  • A new design so that your game looks as good as it feels when you’re killing it on the felt.
  • Play Jackpot Sit & Go, a fast-paced and super easy poker format, right from your mobile phone or tablet device.
  • No more lagging, no more waiting – enjoy faster, better performance, courtesy of our latest updates.
  • Access Cash and Zone games way faster than before.

Revamped Homepage

We’ve got an updated and incredible homepage ready for you. Here, you can access any cash or Zone game directly – no fuss, no waiting. Similarly, you can get in on all the Jackpot Sit & Go action right from your homepage. All you need to worry about is selecting which game you want to get in on and take a seat. Remember, your last chosen options will be saved until you clear the cache.

The unified buy-in window is designed especially for cash and Zone games, making life that much easier:

Again, your last chosen option will be saved until you clear the cache.

Brand New Hamburger Menu

It’s all about simplicity and ease-of-use. Browsing through all the options available to you couldn’t be more effortless. Our hamburger menu, to the left of your screen, lets you access any game type or page available on mobile.

You can even access other options such as poker rewards, hand history, game settings and your account dashboard – all directly from one, comprehensive hamburger menu.

Looking to cycle between other product pages like our sportsbook or casino? No problem – they’re all just a click away.

Same Game, Better Platform

Don’t worry, it’s the same experience as desktop poker only elevated and so much more convenient. You’ll still see the same features, bells and whistles: the spinner animation for the prize pool or the pop up that appears when you’re trying to leave a game. Similarly, after you’re done playing or finished a tournament, you’ll see a summary pop up which will display how much you’ve won.

Everything Is At Your Fingertips

From our helpful Game Settings window to accessing your rewards, mobile poker has a slew of amazing options to make your online gaming sessions so much more enjoyable.


Customize your settings according to your playing style and preferences. Simply tap on the ‘switch’ button and you’ll be good to go. You can also hide all the options by clicking the ‘-‘ button from the accordion.


Access your payable balance, poker points, play money balance and available bonuses all from the poker rewards page:


We’ve also taken the liberty of applying our new design to our hand history pages, making the entire process that much more intuitive:

What You Need To Know

An incredibly popular and high-intensity poker format, Jackpot Sit & Go features randomized prize pools, turbo-charged game speeds, and the chance to win 1,000 times your initial buy in all within a few exciting minutes.

How Do I Play Jackpot Sit & Go On Mobile?

It’s easy. Just register for a tournament right from your homepage or the Jackpot Sit & Go page, and you’re in the money!

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

Once you’ve registered, a welcome message will pop up and right below it you’ll find a list of available Jackpot Sit & Go games, along with their buy-in amounts.

A tournament info page will also pop up if you tap the ‘Info’ button visible on the list of games and buy-ins:

So, if you ever need further information or clarification, know that you’re covered!